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Friday, 24 June 2011

Triuirebheinn and Beinn Ruigh Choinnich, South Uist.

Beinn Ruigh Choinnich

Triuirebheinn and Beinn Ruigh Choinnich, South Uist. Section 24C.
Height 357 metres/276 metres. Map – OS Landranger 31.
Climbed - 9 June 2011. Time taken – 4 hours.
Distance – 9 kilometres. Ascent – 570 metres.
Trip Report Deatails:

It was my final day on South Uist and I had to decide which of the five remaining Marilyns to climb. I settled for Triuirebheinn and Beinn Ruigh Choinnich, as the starting point, Lochboisdale, was only a few miles east of Dalabrog, where I was staying. On studying the map the main obstacle appeared to be the crossing of the outflow of Loch a’Bharp, but the map showed three different crossing points, if they still existed.

At Lasgair, part of the village of Lochboisdale, I looked for the access road to the bridge at Oratobht. However it appeared a house had been built there so rather than wander through a garden I opted to check out the route further north. It led passed a couple of houses to a fishing hut on the south side of the river. A concrete foot causeway gave access to the opposite bank where I followed a muddy track downstream to Oratobht where I found the bridge there still in position.

I continued along the riverside, following some animal tracks, until I reached the outflow from Loch nan Smalag. I walked up the side of this outflow but it was hard going through some deep heather. Some ponies were feeding nearby. An old water treatment works was reached and thereafter the underfoot conditions improved slightly as I headed to and along the north side of Loch nan Smalag.

Beyond the loch the ground steepened as I worked my way uphill through grass and heather, avoiding several rocky outcrops. There was a strong cold north-westerly wind blowing so I opted to stay on the south and east sides of Triuirebheinn before climbing to the summit cairn. It was surprisingly cold and windy there so after taking a few photographs I found some shelter for a coffee break and put on my down gilet.

The descent of the south face of Triuirebheinn to the Bealach an Easain was also quite rocky with heather and bracken to contend with. There was similar terrain and vegetation on the ascent of Beinn Ruigh Choinnich. The summit of this Marilyn had several cairns so I visited the higher ones. There were excellent views out over Loch Boisdale to the Sea of the Hebrides and to the ferry port of Lochboisdale and the many lochs and lochans stretching as far as the west coast of South Uist.

I descended the west ridge of Beinn Ruigh Choinnich, which was initially a bit rocky. Lower down the terrain was rather awkward to cross so progress was slow but I now had close up views of Lochboisdale, just across its loch. Eventually I reached the outflow from Loch nan Smalag and returned to the start by the outward route.

Photos taken on walk.