The web site, Caledonia Hilltreks details my ascents of the Munros, Corbetts, Grahams and New Donalds all of which are above 2000 feet. This blog will contain an account of my ascents of the hills below this height as and when they are climbed.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Meall Liath Choire, Wester Ross.

Meall Liath Choire

Meall Liath Choire, Rhidorroch, Wester Ross. Section 15A.
Height – 549 metres. Map – OS Landranger – 19 & 20.
Climbed - 1 May 2011. Time taken – 6.5 hours.
Distance – 22.5 kilometres. Ascent – 685 metres.
Trip Report Details:

Firstly I should say that the approach to this hill is probably best done by bike as a large section of the route was on tarred road. It would then be possible to combine Meall Liath Choire with an ascent of the nearby Marilyn, Cnoc Damh. However I’m looking forward to climbing this hill from Duag Bridge.

The start was on the easterly outskirts of Ullapool on the south side of the Ullapool River on the road leading to Morefield Quarry. I parked beside a cattle grid, where a sign warned of authorised vehicles only beyond that point. Permission to park there was granted although I don’t think it was required. With my bike at home, I set off on foot along a dusty track that led to and round quarry workings. The track continued for around a mile to where stone was being extracted and it was near here that a female cyclist passed me going in the opposite direction. A car also passed me headed east but there was no offer of a lift.

Beyond the quarry the track became a tarred road and was in good condition. It crossed the Ullapool River via a bridge before passing below Glastullich, which is a holiday rent, before reaching Loch Achall. The loch stretched for around three kilometres but it was a pleasant walk in the sun with the birds singing. Around half way along the north side of the loch I passed Rhidorroch House, although it couldn’t be seen from the track. The tarred road ended here and from now on it was hardcore with a warning sign of potholes, but most of them had been filled.

After passing the east end of the loch a shepherd and his dog emerged from a Land Rover and went to inspect his sheep and lambs while his female companion drove passed me heading east. Shortly there afterwards a car with four occupants passed going in the opposite direction. They had either come from Cadubh or East Rhidorroch, which are both holiday rentals. The female driving the Land Rover had obviously only gone as far as Cadubh as she soon returned.

On reaching Cadubh I walked passed the west side of the cottage and began the ascent of Meall Liath Choire following the Allt Dail a’Bhraid. Initially there were some ATV tracks but they soon disappeared. Two unnamed lochans and an area of rock were passed where a grouse rose. The summit cairn of Meall Liath Choire was reached with good views in all directions. Away to the south-west the moorland was on fire.

I had my lunch at the summit before descending the west ridge. Here I disturbed some deer before heading towards the Eas a’Chraosain. To the north-east of this waterfall the ground was very soft but I would expect in normal conditions this area to be boggy. I then descended steeply to the east of the waterfall, which was completely dry as a result of the recent fine weather.

I strolled down to the track before making the long walk back to Ullapool.

Photos taken on walk.